Ocular Mobile Innovations develops optical biomedical devices for the early detection of conditions including brain trauma, intoxication, fatigue and the early detection of visual system problems. Our solutions target point of care and community-based screening.


Driven by a passion for innovation, the Ocular Mobile Innovations team of experts has one single aspiration: eye screening devices to be accessible, non-invasive and easy to use to support workplace health, safety and wellness.



Driving force behind the technology

Réjean Munger, PhD
President & CEO

Extensive expertise in optical system design, spectroscopy, ocular optics, visual perception, ophthalmic instrumentation and commercialization of non-invasive health technologies.

Martin Rivers

A software engineer with 25 years of experience in user interfaces, algorithm design, and firmware and control system design. He was also a critical part of the team developing the first generation vision screener.

Malcolm Latorre, PhD, PEng.

A long time associate of Dr. Munger, Dr. Latorre has over 25 years of experience in hardware design, photonics and the human eye.



Bringing mobile devices to the market

Peter Campbell, MBA, P Eng
Business Development
Extensive market and business development experience spanning many disciplines including project development, product management & engineering.

Nicole Loreto, PhD
Communications, Health Promotion and Government Relations
Health Psychologist and seasoned strategist, known for her innovative strategies spanning three decades advising clients in the public and private sectors.

DW Product Develop Inc. Canada
Industrial design engineering and product development partner team.