Eye Screener for Safety and Performance


Keeping the workplace safe is a critical priority in every successful organization.  Safety standards and processes cannot alone eliminate the risk of safety incidents that endanger lives.

The prevalent use of central nervous stimulants and recreational drugs to manage stress, fatigue, and performance is a growing cause for concern and risk. Research clearly shows that they negatively impact a person’s judgement and decision-making abilities resulting in inattention, slower response time to task and information processing speed: key factors in safety incidents.


Prevention through detection

Testing an employee’s fitness for duty generally takes place following a safety incident.  DetectVueTM can be a critical part of your pre-work screening program identifying risk factors and reducing incidents.

While some existing tests can detect the presence of a substance such as THC, they cannot predict their impact on performance. DetectVueTM directly assesses loss of cognitive function caused by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.

Rapid and non-intrusive mobile safety screening of employees in critical functions

Cognitive function testing using visual stimuli is a scientifically validated method that measures a person’s ability to process information and respond to external stimuli. DetectVueTM incorporates a series of specialized eye screening tests delivering assessment results in minutes. The tests are based on internationally recognized protocols used by Drug Recognition Experts (law enforcement) to screen for impairment.

DetectVueTM helps mitigate risks in safety critical situations.

This prevention screener is available — either as a hand-held, mobile device for operators or as a self-assessment kiosk.

Recognizing fatigue as a cause of incidents

4000 fatalities have resulted from truck and bus crashes in the US each year.

“Fatigue is defined by Healthy Safety Executive as the result of “prolonged mental or physical exertion, it can affect people’s performance and impair their mental alertness, which leads to dangerous errors” Learn more

Fatigue has been attributed as a significant cause of accidents and a substantial risk for public safety. More than 20% of accidents are attributed to driver fatigue.
(2016 study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and supported by Transport Canada)

Fatigue is also recognized as a significant workplace hazard by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safetyhttps://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/psychosocial/fatigue.html. Research has shown that the effects of fatigue on cognitive performance are comparable to alcohol (i.e. 21 hours of wakefulness is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of 0.08). It is estimated that fatigue in the workplace is costing more than 18 billion a year in the US. (Industrial Psychiatry, 2015, Fatigue management in the workplace).


With DetectVueTM, there is now a reliable device that can measure the cognitive losses resulting from fatigue.

Keep your workplace safe with rapid eye response screening. Learn more about Ocular Mobile’s eye screening technology to enhance your company’s health, safety, and wellness program.